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The Huntsville Youth Orchestra is a nonprofit corporation chartered by the State of Texas for the purpose of encouraging young musicians in the Huntsville area to develop their talents and to gain experience in orchestral music and playing. At the same time, HYO provides the community with entertainment, which is both a source of pleasure and pride.


Huntsville Youth Orchestra & Huntsville Strings Unlimited
rehearse in the SHSU Music Building - Second Floor


The youth orchestra was formally organized during the summer of 1986. It was formed in response to a genuine need in this area for orchestral performance opportunities. HYO is fortunate to have the resources of the SHSU School of Music to draw upon. The organization could never have taken form without the support of the music faculty and SHSU students who serve in many capacities in the organization. The parents, members, and instructors have a strong desire to see HYO continue to provide training, music education, and entertainment for the Huntsville area. HYO, which is flourishing in the Huntsville area, does so through the generosity of private individuals and a grant from the Huntsville Arts Commission. These opportunities could not exist without such generosity.

Patrons of Huntsville Youth Orchestra

Huntsville Arts Commission
Dr. Stephen H. Means & Associates

and by

Dr. Carol Smith


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